Bariatric laparascopic surgery (sleeve)

Bariatric laparascopic surgery (sleeve)

This package includes:

1x single patient Endo cutter

Endo Cutter is used to cut and suture tissue in open and Endoscopic surgeries.

Our Endo Cutter releases 6 rows of staples when firing, and the cutting line is in the middle of them. Unequally stepped closed staple heights design provides better blood supplying for sutured tissue and better Hemostasis for incisal edge, much more conforming to the principle of surgical suturing and Hemostasis.

We supply a range of short (60mm) – medium (160mm) – long (260mm) depending on the requests.

Single Patient Use Endo Cutter

2x single patient Endo reload (green)
Code: ECRA60G

Articulation Reload Colour Green, 6 Staple Rows, 60mm Suturing Length, 1.8mm – 2.0mm – 2.1mm is the Closed Staple Height

We can also supply different types of Reload colours with different lengths depending on requests.

Single Patient Use Reload – Green

3x single patient Endo reload (yellow)

Code: ECRA60Y

Articulation Reload Colour Green, 6 Staple Rows, 60mm Suturing Length, 1.6mm – 1.8mm – 1.9mm is the Closed Staple Height

We can also supply different types of Reload colours with different lengths depending on requests.

Single Patient Use Reload – Yellow

1x ultrasonic disposable shear

The harmonic scalpel is a surgical instrument used to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissue. It is the latest device to have been introduced in last decade or so.

Ultrasonic energy is famously used in Harmonic scalpel where ultrasonic energy is converted to mechanical energy at the active blade.

The main mechanism is the active blade which delivers high-grade frictional force while the inactive upper arm holds tissue in apposition. Its main advantages include precise dissection, reliable haemostasis, less lateral thermal spread and charring mainly works by applying pressure and then sealing with a denatured protein coagulum while applying ultrasonic vibration to denature hydrogen bonds perform vessel coagulation.

Ultrasicon is the name given to the dissection method by harmonic.

The transducer in the handpiece consisted of piezoelectric crystal sandwiched under pressure among metal cylinders. The ultrasonic generator converts ultrasonic energy into mechanical energy. The sealing of the vessels is achieved due to denatured protein coagulum which occurs due to tamponade and coaptation.

It has three compatible probes that are the shear, blade and a hook. The shear can coagulate vessels up to 5 mm, whereas the hook and blade only 2 mm in diameter. It has the least thermal spread and smoke production of all the devices. Our Ultrasonic Harmonic Shears are compatible with Covidien Machines and can function perfectly along with the Covidien foot switch.

Ultrasonic Harmonic Surgical System – Sterile Disposal Scalpel

1x bladeless trocar (10mm)
Single use abdominal trocar is mainly used to insert abdominal wall, establish a channel between abdominal cavity and outside, and get the surgical device into abdominal cavity through trocar sleeve to do the operation and achieve same effects as open surgery.

Abdominal trocar is for single use only, sterilized by radiation when products leave the factory.

Trocar consists of sleeve and obturator. Obturator is mainly used to penetrate through the whole abdominal wall together with sleeve, and leave the sleeve on the abdominal wall. Sleeve is mainly used to facilitate various surgical devices to get into the abdominal cavity through it, so that surgeons could complete the surgery.

Single Patient Use Abdominal Trocar

1x bladeless trocar (12mm)


  • Bladeless and transparent tip provides controllable insertion under endoscope during procedure.
  • Separator on both tip sides separates muscle fibres without cutting during insertion. Muscle fibres close automatically during remove, less hernia occurrence after surgery.


  • Integral sealing design requires less manpower during instruments insertion and extraction, easy for operation.
  • Negative thread design on trocar sleeve provides optimum resistance of trocar fixation on abdominal wall.
  • Double sealing design provides superior air permeability, with less exposure of visual operative filed caused by air leakage.
  • 45°of the trocar sleeve tip bevel makes it easier to drag specimen in.
  • Transparent tip design is easy to find the suture needle dropped in the trocar sleeve.

Single Patient Use Abdominal Trocar

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